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The Cobbler’s Children Have No Shoes

This expression feels very current to me. It refers to the fact that a busy cobbler will be so busy making shoes for his customers that he has no time to make some for his own children.

I’ve been so busy past 6-8 months preparing for the launch of my training site and my forum I just remember I haven’t send out anything to my list all this time.

I’m afraid they’ll think I forgot about them.

Silver lining to all this is I’ll be done with 2007 in couple days and that is a great feeling.

Saturday was Charlotte Marathon (AKA Thunder roll).

I’m not a runner, and after seeing how unprofesional the event was handled by Run Charlotte I don’t plan to become a runner any time soon.

Being stuck in my neighborhood because of all the roads being blocked did not stop me from looking for something to learn from this experience (besides boycotting all Run Charlotte events.)  I learned life is like a marathon. Everyone has to go in their own pace. There were fast runners, and slow walkers. There were slow walkers ahead of fast runners which indicated they were faster runners at one point, but in time the people they past at one point will catch up and/or pass them.

It became obvious to me marathon is like life an individual experience. You are among your peers,  but it’s you the runner has to determine your pace, when to speed up, when to slow down, when to stop and start again. All of those decisions must be based on minute by minute changes in you.

What do you mean I can’t run???

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Djembe had an operation Friday and was shocked when he heard the vet’s instructions: No running, No jumping, No chasing of cats, squirrels or lions for 10 days.

I remember when I was his age I had an operation and I wasn’t allowed to run, jump or chase lions either, and was just as frustrated.

I’m going Interactive

Finally the computer technology has caught up with my vision, and I can finally teach.

The biggest reason why I’ve been lagging on my posts is because I’ve been trying to learn about Interactive learning environments.  Don’t get me wrong. I’m still learning, but I’m confident starting early 2008 I will have interactive classrooms for you to learn anything/everything you wanted to learn from me.

Stay tuned

Americans are reading less. Yeeeeah

I just heard on NPR that reading numbers are down again.

Less and less Americans are reading. Study cited 58% of the college grads who read books don’t pass page 18.

This is great news for me other reader alike . As long as we’re willing to read and learn continuously we can’t help but become more valuable. If nothing else for our ability to learn.

I just wish the unemployment office required people on welfare to read to collect welfare checks.

It’s a Whacky Wiki World

Wikipedia is my first stop for information. From there I branch out my research.

I know often my wife rolls her eyes and tell me “who knows who put that information there.”……

I’m with Seth Godin  on this. To me not using Wikipedia is like having a fully automatic camera and keep it in manual focus.