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Americans are reading less. Yeeeeah

I just heard on NPR that reading numbers are down again.

Less and less Americans are reading. Study cited 58% of the college grads who read books don’t pass page 18.

This is great news for me other reader alike . As long as we’re willing to read and learn continuously we can’t help but become more valuable. If nothing else for our ability to learn.

I just wish the unemployment office required people on welfare to read to collect welfare checks.

The ball bearing and the beach ball

I don’t know how he does it, but Seth always finds interesting stuff.

The ball bearing and beach ball are great metaphors you can implement in your life as well as any business you’re planning to launch.

Michael Brooke writes:
1. I am not publishing a magazine – I am helping to document and foster change within skateboarding. The magazine is part of a greater movement within skateboarding. Concrete Wave exists to spread specific ideas. The more people we can spread these ideas too, the more success we achieve.

2. I am not merely building readers or subscribers – I am building a cult of supporters, each of whom will further support the cause and bring in more readers and subscribers.

3. I build marketing INTO the product and distribution. By limiting the kinds of advertisers I allow, by keeping the editorial strictly focused and by carefully distributing the magazine, my readers and advertisers trust the magazine to deliver on its promise of 100% skateboarding. I will never betray that trust.

4. Concrete Wave wishes to remain a ball bearing – small, hard to find and continually in the state of being polished. Our goal is to provide readers with a deep impression when they get hit with it. Conversely, we do not aim to be a beach ball – big, seen all over the place, colorful and yet leaving very little impression when it hits. A beach ball is very fragile indeed and must avoid challenging environments, because it requires so much air to keep it afloat. A weighty ball bearing can withstand both challenging environments along with the pin pricks of adversity.

Testing for Trackback

I’m ususally pretty resourceful guy, but I so far can’t seem to figure out this trackback.

Here’s another try

Test for trackback

Test for trackback

Lightbulbs to the rescue

As much as I hate florocent lighting ( Great motivation for me to never get a cubicle job) I know the impact it makes in my walet.

Only 6% of American Households have tried one

I think it’s imporetant to use our skills and abilities to make positive changes in the world.

Seth is one such preson and is actively working via his blog to help.

When linked to this site you’ll help the US reduce it’s dependecy on foreign oil. OK OK it’s indirect and a long shot, but it’s the internet right. Everything counts.