Past few days I’ve been experiencing lots of shifting energies and what felt like lots of adjusting. Then yesterday I got this email from my friend Jim Dellicolli.

Here is a part of the email he sent. Remember this email is from yesterday.

Hey everyone!

I hope all is well.  The energies of this last new moon are being noticed now. I have had comments from you, and watched what is going on in the world, it is evident the universal truth is coming; there will be no stopping it. Some comments and events are chaotic, some are amazing. The one thing I am asking you to all continue to do is to be open, with no fear, and willing to grow at all costs. This is a time of tremendous transformation, so do not let one event define you at this time. Know that the event is being presented to you for YOUR GROWTH!!!!!! Pluto can be subtle, so this is at your deepest level!!!! We will all look back on this, and realize just how powerful this time new moon was for our own understanding of what IS, versus our perceptions we have had.

I am writing today, because the sun is within one degree of conjunction with Pluto at our galactic center. That means tomorrow they will be exactly conjunct! Our galactic center the Mayans believed was the womb of the universe. The dark space that leads to all of creation! We have our souls, (Pluto) and egos, (Sun) perfectly positioned for all of the universes ability to create past and present, to create in our lives our universal truths!!!! (Jupiter is also there for luck and expansion, and mercury is there, to help us understand it in a way where we can apply it to this world either verbally, or documentation).

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