Americans are reading less. Yeeeeah

I just heard on NPR that reading numbers are down again.

Less and less Americans are reading. Study cited 58% of the college grads who read books don’t pass page 18.

This is great news for me other reader alike . As long as we’re willing to read and learn continuously we can’t help but become more valuable. If nothing else for our ability to learn.

I just wish the unemployment office required people on welfare to read to collect welfare checks.


2 Responses

  1. Eh, it’s only natural. The more technology there is, the less people will read.

    However, I find it interesting that most people, if you ask them, say “you know, I wish I read more books. I would really like to read more.”

    So why don’t they?

    Technology has made them lazy.

    -Eric Palmieri

  2. Can technology make people lazy?

    I think there is a misconception about that. Most used example is kids can’t figure out 8×7=56 without calculator.

    I think people use technology as an excuse to be lazy. That’s different

    Thanks for the comment

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