Skype outage

Skype has been out for 2 days and counting.

Although their blog says it’ll be 6-12 hrs to fix it. Looking at the date of the post (16Aug) it’s clearly end is not nowhere near.

I don’t think I have ever seen less than 4,000,000 (yes that’s 4million) people  on it at one time.

Although not as bad as the people who use Skype only for their phone service  my business has been impacted  in a mojor way. I lost touch with some of my people working out of Phillipines, UK and India. Not to mention my family in Turkiye.

As one of the people who commented on Skype’s Blog ” we all assumed Skype was as  stable as cell phone networks, but we were wrong.”

Skype is posting regular updates on their blogs and seem to handle this massive problem relatively well. I hope the outage can be fixed and we can go back to normal.

I hope they’re remembering to “Take a deep breath” as they say on their site.

I wish them quick recovery


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