Eating vs shoving food

Most people eat like they haven’t eaten in years.

Grab a mouthful – chew 2-3 times – swallow – grab a mouthful – chew 2-3 times – swallow. Not really chewing the food but breaking it up just enough to shove it.

There is a better way to eat.

 "When you eat, do so with a single purpose of getting all the enjoyment you can from that meal; dismiss everything else from your mind, and do not let anything take your attention from the food and its taste until your meal is finished.

Be cheerfully confident, for if you follow these instructions you should KNOW that the food you eat is exactly the right food, and that it will "agree" with you to perfection.

Sit down to the table with confident cheerfulness, and take a moderate portion of the food; take whatever thing looks most desirable to you. Do not select some food because you think it will be good for you; select that which will taste good to you."

If you aren’t already practicing this way please try it for a day and share your experience with me

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