Living in US vs Europe

I was back in Cali last week, and  I had a great dinner with my old neighbor (who now lives in OC.) in Kappo Honda my favorite restaurant of all times.

As always we went straight into deep conversation about life. Both of us being foreigners often our talks find their ways into how living in the US is so much different than Europe.

He’s German and I am Turkish.

Turks in Germany are like blacks in the US South. Often viewed as second class citizen, often discriminated against, and regularly attacked and ridiculed by the NeoNazis- German version of KKK. even on TV shows and commercials.

In fact when we first met he asked me if I was offended being called Turk which is a nickname I took  when in the US Air Force.

One stark difference between living in the US and Europe is the fact we can even talk about these things and often laugh about the ways we viewed the world while back in Europe. Yes I am sure it has alot to the with the fact we’re more mature now.

But I think it has a lot todo with the fact that we live in the US where who you are is far more important than what you look like, and where you are going means a lot more than where you’re from.

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  1. Just thought I would mention, you must be speaking of the old Old OLD South because blacks are not anything like Turks in Germany. You must be buying in to what you see on TV.

    I live in the heart of the South, and I lived in Germany for a year.

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