Thank you sir. May I have another one

I live in Charlotte a USAirways hub city for a few years now, and last week I flew on  USAirways for the first time.

What a terrible company.

Flight attendents started barking the security announcements.

They charge $5.00 for crappy headphones. What’s really cheeky is they have fitted the arm rests so the customers can’t use their own headphones. There must’ve been some cost associated with that which means some senior executive authorized changing of the arm rests to add $5 to the customer’s bill.

As long as the USAir has that corporate culture they can not and will not  succeed.   We’re back from bankrutcy, or we’re the #1 airline they might be saying to their share holders. That reminds of a story.

A man jumps off from the top of Hearst Tower in Charlotte. As he passes the 28th floor someone asks "how is it going?". As he flies down toward asphalt for his certain death, he replies "So far so good."

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