I got an email from the neighborhood association, asking me if want to volunteer to be the chair for the website committee. Based on the emails have been going around I got a feeling not much have been decided about it yet. No idea about the purpose, no idea about the objectives for the site.

That reminds me of my first day at my first base when I was firefighter in the US Air Force. I walked off the plane and an NCO was driving me around getting me processed and kept referring to me as another warm body.

Today I value my time far more. Just as everyboy, my entire day…. the whole 1440 minutes are already taken up with other stuff.

Since I coach people in time management and I like to walk my talk, my time is taken up by things I want to do. So, any time a new option demands a slice of my life I ask “in order to do this, what do I have to NOT do?” If the new thing is more fun than what it will be replacing the answer is YES, if not the answer is NO.

I miss doing web stuff,  I’d love to get involved with a start-up project. I hope they’re not looking for another warm body.


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