Extraordinary Service

Yesterday’s world-record is today’s entry point for competitions.
Olympic athletes  will practice for 1400 days to show to the world what they are capable of achieving.
4 years of daily commitment to practicing their game for hours and hours with one objective in mind. Delivering their best performance, some times down to 1/100th of a second.

Marketplace is a lot like Olympics.

Today for any company to get even a slice of the local market they have to deliver great service. But that’s just an entry point into the game. The winners are the ones who are committed-not just on paper, but in action- to have that extraordinary drive to deliver the best service they can, regardless of what the competition is doing.

The winners are the ones who concentrate and pay attention to  even the smallest details of their performance and ask “how can I do better” , “where can I improve?” That commitment to improving performance in daily basis even if it’s only 1/100th of a second is what makes a champion.

After all, the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little “extra”


Smoking in the car

I was sitting at a red light today and as it often happens my mind was wandering.

A car pulled up next to me with 2 people, both smoking and both  holding  the hand with the cigarrette  as far as possible. Obviously trying to avoid stinking up the car.

Based on my personal observation I can confidently say when they  finish they will both throw their butts  oout the window, or more correctly stated leave it out of the car. And these people looked like you and me.

Obviously suggesting maybe to consider quit doing something they obviously don’t want to be doing would be foolish.

What’s really foolish is this.

They like to smoke. Maybe they’re addicted but, like to smoke. They know it stinks, They don’t want their things to smell like smoke, But they want your car to stink. They want to stink up your sunny blue sky day with their stink, because they’re too coward to own up the stink of their enjoyment.

Perhaps you know one of those people or see one. They are everywhere.

If you know one, or see one can you please pass a message from me?

Please tell my brother, or sister I support their activity and respect their right to smoke. I’d like them to be proud of their decision to smoke and not be afraid of a little smell. (Non smokers can smell smokers anyway.) but my real point is please keep your windows up and retain all the smell you’re producing, along with the butt.

Otherwise we’d have to extend the same courtesy we show to you to all new mothers. They don’t like the smell of a dirty diaper, but they don’t throw them out of their car windows.

I got an email from the neighborhood association, asking me if want to volunteer to be the chair for the website committee. Based on the emails have been going around I got a feeling not much have been decided about it yet. No idea about the purpose, no idea about the objectives for the site.

That reminds me of my first day at my first base when I was firefighter in the US Air Force. I walked off the plane and an NCO was driving me around getting me processed and kept referring to me as another warm body.

Today I value my time far more. Just as everyboy, my entire day…. the whole 1440 minutes are already taken up with other stuff.

Since I coach people in time management and I like to walk my talk, my time is taken up by things I want to do. So, any time a new option demands a slice of my life I ask “in order to do this, what do I have to NOT do?” If the new thing is more fun than what it will be replacing the answer is YES, if not the answer is NO.

I miss doing web stuff,  I’d love to get involved with a start-up project. I hope they’re not looking for another warm body.

Are you a Self-Help Junkie?

I was talking to a friend last week about where does one draw the line.

I know for sure I’d given up on the light bulb idea much much sooner than Edison who failed 10,000 times before success.

I also know if you are 4’11 no matter how many times you try you will not be able to dunk a basketball.

Self-Help is an areas where the improvements are small, but over time all those little changes should pay-off. However, often people like the "idea" of the new person much more than the required change itself. And keep going thru the motions. It’s a thin line you see. A form of addiction.

This addiction could be to your old Self or you might be addicted to Self-help like Steve explains on his post. http://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/2007/04/self-help-junkies/

Both addiction are cured by simply connecting to your HigherSelf.