How often do you pay attention to what you are seeing with your inner eye? What pictures are you inviting into your life? Because the inner-vision is where it all begins. If you have failure thoughts, you must reverse the thought with a success thought. This sounds easy enough to do, but when a failure thought has become a habit, it takes eternal vigilance to dislodge it. That is when a powerful affirmation is needed. You cannot always control your thought but you can control your word, and eventually the word impresses the subconscious and wins out. I added following affirmation to my copy of the Day Planner "Nothing can hinder, nothing can delay manifestation of the Divine Plan of my life. The light of lights stream on my pathway, revealing the open road of fulfilment." What makes this affirmation so much more powerful than when I first started years ago with "I like myself." is, my conscious mind cannot challenge it or disagree with it. Therefore it’s immediately and completely accepted by my subcoscious mind.To learn more about affirmations or to add subliminal messages to the Day Planner click here.

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