Mac vs PC

Apple has been the only computer I have ever bought. I started with a super used IIci and worked my way up to a desktop and 2 laptops.

It hasn’t been easy.

Apples are always more expensive. We couldn’t find any programs for them.

I like them because they last a looooong time ( my desktopis about 10 years old and I just upgraded along the way) and they’re built for humans who don’t want to learn any programing language. I don’t know what’s a C drive and when I go to a coffee shop wih WiFi my Mac asks me if I want to join the network and I click on Yes That’s it.

But the real reason why I like Apple is they’re a fun company. At least when they’re launching new products they try to make it fun.

Don’t take my word for it. Just look at Seth’s blog


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