New Year New Way

Although I’ve been blogging for 2-3 years I mostly posted stuff I read or thought would be useful to you the reader without my personal take on things.

I think the biggest contributor (besides the English as a Second Language thing) to that is the fact I can’t type worth a lick. (so far I’m 10 minutes into this post) and I prefer to copy/paste.

Today I was reading Laura’s new Blog  and I really enjoyed the personalness ( is that even a word?) of her entry.

I’ve also been working on improving my typing skills with  my new Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor  (ASDF JKL so far) I decided to up the ante and start posting more personal entries with you all.

If Jill and Angie get their way you will even hear my voice on the podcasts instead of others with less of an accent.

So, I guess I better make the commitment here and now to share with you more personal entries in 2007.

As one of my mentors say More to come. More to come

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