Mac vs PC

Apple has been the only computer I have ever bought. I started with a super used IIci and worked my way up to a desktop and 2 laptops.

It hasn’t been easy.

Apples are always more expensive. We couldn’t find any programs for them.

I like them because they last a looooong time ( my desktopis about 10 years old and I just upgraded along the way) and they’re built for humans who don’t want to learn any programing language. I don’t know what’s a C drive and when I go to a coffee shop wih WiFi my Mac asks me if I want to join the network and I click on Yes That’s it.

But the real reason why I like Apple is they’re a fun company. At least when they’re launching new products they try to make it fun.

Don’t take my word for it. Just look at Seth’s blog


New site

New site and new ideas that goes with that has been occupying my mind. Brand new tool to get us to our goals fast and with lots and lots of fun.

Cycle of Choice

I wanted to start early and catch up on my reading this morning.

This entry in Seth’s blog is worth reading.

Esspecailly if you’re thinking about starting a business

Living a Dream

Yesterday at coffee shop I met a guy (Dwayne) when I asked “Hey how is life?” he replied “Living a Dream”

That is the most outstanding answer I have ever heard so far.

Living a Dream.

How do you begin your day?

Tags: , , , , Speaking of J.M. this is something I marked in his book Thinking for Change ( See it in my library) " To help me maintain a learner’s attitude, I spend a few moments every morning thinking about my learning opportunities for the day. As I review my calendar and to-do list knowing whom I will meet that day, what I will read, which meetings I will attend— I note where I am most likely to learn something. Then I mentally cue myself to look attentively for something that will improve me in that situation." I take this a little further. Even before I head out to routine errands as going to the post office I condition my brain to see/show me lessons.

There were so many things I wanted to write about since Friday, Now that it’s Sunday evening I can’t get myself to write any of them.

Friday I visited a friend who is a national speaker in “Creative” Real Estate investor circles. (He said he’s putting on monthly boot-camps. along with speaking all over the country marketing his product. Brutal schedule if he’d ask me, but he didn’t….)

Based on the conversation we had, I know he doesn’t read my blog, so I guess I don’t need to fear too much about hurting his ego.

I was involved in his first two bootcamps (couple of years ago) and I though his venue has gotten better, but not the event.

John Maxwell was also in town for a brief talk on Saturday. He’s a best selling author of such books as Thinking for a Change and Failing Forward.

Mind you this was NOT a regular John Maxwell event.. A simple little talk in a local church.

So I’m not even comparing apples to apples.

I’ve never heard John speak before. I read some of his books, subscribed to his newsletter, but I can’t say I have ever read it. I went with expectations to get a book signed, and maybe take him for a cup of coffee.

This is how it played out:

Smiling friendly people greeted me at the parking lot provided me with directions to the place where John was going to speak.

As soon as I walked in I was greeted by another friendly person who was managing a table full of John Maxwel’s books.

I’m ushered into the sanctuary and took my seat amongst mostly young Myers Park people.

Preacher gets on the pew and states John has only 40 minutes to speak then 10-15 minutes to sign a few books and he’s got to boogie out to catch a flight to one of those sunny named cities in either FL or CA.

John Maxwell rolls into town like he owns the place. Gives a feel good speech (nothing earth-shattering.) and sells a whole bunch of books.

I’ve been thinking about what I have learned from these 2 interactions I had.

Is it their expecations from themselves. Or is it the “purpose” of their product. As in when developed was it to benefit the buyer or the seller.

Maybe both.

Subgroup Meeting


If you’re coming to the Subgroup meeting tomorrow night. Make sure you sent me an email to confirm,

I’m moving the meeting place to CPCC Institute for Entrepreneurship to move things up a notch.