How was 2006 ?

I’m a firm believer of having a goal/destination before starting a trip.

I am sure you already know how fast a year passes by.

If you don’t stop occasionally and check your course it’s easy to lose a year or two in a blur and end up somewhere you have no idea where and how you ended up there.

These 28 Questions I got from Think & Grow Rich
is great for using (at least) annualy to check your course and make adjustments when needed.

They are personal and the answers may disturb you, but don’t stress, a new year is just around the corner.

  1. Have I attained the goal which I established as my objective ?
  2. Have I delivered service of the best quality of which I was capable, or could I have improved any part of this service?
  3. Have I delivered service in the greatest possible quantity of which I was capable ?
  4. Has the spirit of my conduct been harmonious & cooperative at all times?
  5. Have I permitted the habit of procrastination to decrease my efficiency and if so, to what extent?
  6. Have I improved my personality, and if so, in what way ?
  7. Have I been persistent in following my plans through to completion ?
  8. Have I reached decisions promptly & definitely on all occasions ?
  9. Have I permitted any one or more of the 6 basic fears to decrease my efficiency?
  10. Have I been either overcautious or under cautious ?
  11. Has my relationship with my associates in work pleasant, or unpleasant? If it has been unpleasant has the fault been partially or wholly mine?
  12. Have I dissipated any of my energy through lack of connection with all subjects?
  13. Have I been open minded & tolerant in connection with all subjects?
  14. In what way have I improved my ability to render service?
  15. Have I been intemperate in any of my habits?
  16. Have I expressed, either openly or secretly, any form of egotism?
  17. Has my conduct toward my associates been such that it has induced them to respect me?
  18. Have my opinions & decisions been based upon guesswork or accuracy of analysis & thought?
  19. Have I followed the habit of budgeting my time, my expenses & my income, and have I been conservative in these budgets?
  20. How much time have I devoted to unprofitable efforts which I might have used to better advantage.
  21. How may I re-budget my time & change my habits so I will be more efficient?
  22. Have I been guilty of any conduct which was not approved by my conscience?
  23. In what way have I given more and better service than I was paid for?
  24. Have I been unfair to anyone & if so in what way?
  25. If I had been the purchaser of my own services would I be satisfied with my purchase
  26. Am I in the right vocation, and if not why not?
  27. Has the purchaser of my services been satisfied with the service I have rendered, and if not why not?
  28. What is my present rating on the fundamental principles of success?

You can also download it

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