How was 2006 ?

I’m a firm believer of having a goal/destination before starting a trip.

I am sure you already know how fast a year passes by.

If you don’t stop occasionally and check your course it’s easy to lose a year or two in a blur and end up somewhere you have no idea where and how you ended up there.

These 28 Questions I got from Think & Grow Rich
is great for using (at least) annualy to check your course and make adjustments when needed.

They are personal and the answers may disturb you, but don’t stress, a new year is just around the corner.

  1. Have I attained the goal which I established as my objective ?
  2. Have I delivered service of the best quality of which I was capable, or could I have improved any part of this service?
  3. Have I delivered service in the greatest possible quantity of which I was capable ?
  4. Has the spirit of my conduct been harmonious & cooperative at all times?
  5. Have I permitted the habit of procrastination to decrease my efficiency and if so, to what extent?
  6. Have I improved my personality, and if so, in what way ?
  7. Have I been persistent in following my plans through to completion ?
  8. Have I reached decisions promptly & definitely on all occasions ?
  9. Have I permitted any one or more of the 6 basic fears to decrease my efficiency?
  10. Have I been either overcautious or under cautious ?
  11. Has my relationship with my associates in work pleasant, or unpleasant? If it has been unpleasant has the fault been partially or wholly mine?
  12. Have I dissipated any of my energy through lack of connection with all subjects?
  13. Have I been open minded & tolerant in connection with all subjects?
  14. In what way have I improved my ability to render service?
  15. Have I been intemperate in any of my habits?
  16. Have I expressed, either openly or secretly, any form of egotism?
  17. Has my conduct toward my associates been such that it has induced them to respect me?
  18. Have my opinions & decisions been based upon guesswork or accuracy of analysis & thought?
  19. Have I followed the habit of budgeting my time, my expenses & my income, and have I been conservative in these budgets?
  20. How much time have I devoted to unprofitable efforts which I might have used to better advantage.
  21. How may I re-budget my time & change my habits so I will be more efficient?
  22. Have I been guilty of any conduct which was not approved by my conscience?
  23. In what way have I given more and better service than I was paid for?
  24. Have I been unfair to anyone & if so in what way?
  25. If I had been the purchaser of my own services would I be satisfied with my purchase
  26. Am I in the right vocation, and if not why not?
  27. Has the purchaser of my services been satisfied with the service I have rendered, and if not why not?
  28. What is my present rating on the fundamental principles of success?

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But who controls your thinking and how ?

The mind has two parts. The Conscious and The Subconscious.

The conscious part is the analytical part of your mind where you make thousands of decisions.You take any information and analyze it and then store and place it in a memory track for later use.

Everything that you have ever heard, seen, smelt, felt or experienced is never forgotten. You may consciously forget a piece of information, but the information is still in a memory track….

It’s not just our conscious thinking, but our subconscious thinking holds the key to our lives.

Most people still believe that their lives are the way they are because of outside factors like background, environment, education, family, economy, fate or luck.

However, it is not outside circumstances that ultimately determine our lives.

It is actually the beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and behaviors held at the deepest levels of your mind, as well as your conscious thoughts that make your life what it is today.

Outside influences are not the most important thing preventing you from accomplishing your goals. Your own thoughts are.

Our lives are often what our thoughts make them. It’s our thinking that makes our lives what they are.


We are all a product of our own thinking.

But who controls your thinking  and how ?

The subconscious part of your mind on the other hand is the part where dreams occur, habits are formed, memories are suppressed and many other functions occur.

Class is Confirmed- We are on.

I went to CPCC finished my paperwork and in 2 hrs I received a confirmation e-mail. It is official as of right now there are 12 registered people for the class Real Estate Investing: The Business Side  

We are Green for Go.