10 Things to Know About Enthusiasm

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”
– Ralph Waldo EmersonIn his article, “Enthusiasm Leads to Success,” Michael Bucci gives these tips:

1. Enthusiasm means you believe deeply in what your company is doing and you believe your job is important because it contributes to the cause.

Therefore you’re willing to work your butt off to achieve the company’s goals. They’re the same as yours!

originally submitted by Susan Dunn, M.A., Clinical Psychology, Momentum Coaching, who can be reached at sdunn@susandunn.cc

2. Enthusiasm is when you leap out of bed in the morning and attack your day with gusto.

It gives you zeal (“eagerness and ardent interest in pursuit of something — synonym: passion”) for the work you do and the people you work with.

3. Enthusiasm pushes you to improve and become a better person.

There may not be that much difference in jobs, just in our attitudes toward them. When you love what you do, it’s easy to get psyched up and get the job done.

4. Enthusiasm makes the difference between mediocre performance and outstanding performance.

What about the part of your work you dislike? All jobs have them. Well, this is where passion really comes into play.Say, for instance, that you love to negotiate deals but hate writing reports summarizing your potential deals. You may get turned down on good deals because your reports are bad.

The effect is substandard performance. You could be hitting 100% performance on the deals, but by only hitting 50% performance on your reports, you’ll be averaging out your performance to 75%.

5. Enthusiasm about a job or project or relationship usually translates into positive energy.

And positive energy is VERY attractive. If you’re excited about a project, you’ll be anxious to get started and get results. The mere fact of looking forward to your work will help make you more productive and effective. You’ll plan more effectively and pay more attention to detail. You’ll carry out your plan more carefully and aim for the best results possible. Don’t be mistaken; some people are satisfied with mediocrity.

6. Enthusiastic people are usually thrust into positions of leadership.

Leaders must have zest — charisma — in order to inspire others to follow. If you’re fervent about your work, you’ll be willing to do more and learn. This helps you get noticed.”Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Cry, and you cry alone.”

7. Enthusiasm at times needs to be manufactured. You can boost yours by reading about successful people.

Reading about how others achieved success helps you realize that you can too.

8. Enthusiasm is the one trait shared by most successful people.

Successful people are high on energy in their own special way, even the deceptively “laid back” Warren Buffett. They live and breathe the business and expect (and get) nothing less from their employees.

9. Enthusiasm breeds success and success in turn breeds success.

“Different people measure success in different ways,” says Bucci. “In my book, if you want to fail in life, just act apathetically. You’ll give off a negative, weak vibe and people will steer clear of you. Success will also steer clear of you.”

10. Enthusiasm is crucial to success.

If you want to succeed, you must be excited about your work, your life and your co-workers.

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