Noah and his boat

When my brother called me a few weeks ago saying “he wants to invest in real estate (buy a house and rent it for at least the mortgage)”

I remembered the time………….

I was in CA managing a photo lab; Every newspaper, every TV show, every magazine was talking about the bubble in the stock market.

Everyone was asking: Is it a bubble or not, can it go up up and yet up again ?
Infact the manager who I replaced had left the company to become a stock broker (sales person) because he said he could make ton more money in the market.

Everyone was talking about how much they’re making.

And one day they all stopped.… I heard the stock market had crashed.
Last time I was back in CA I heard Allan was managing an other photo lab.

Today things feel exactly the same. Except the name “stock market” is replaced by “Real Estate”

Do I think it’s a bubble ?

Who cares about what I think. The universal law applies to everything.

What comes up must come down. So, the question is not if it’s going to come down, it’s how much, and who will become the casualties of the “correction”

Noah started building the arc before the rain begun. I think it’s good time to start preparing for the crash, correction, blip, hiccup or any other name you want to call it.